Thug Kitchen Book Review

I’ve been missing in action this past month, sorry. I’m in a weird moment between undergrad and grad school and have been squaring things away in Miami before moving to New York City to study. In case you were wondering, it’s for Economics, not culinary or nutritional science; I do this blog for fun!

During the in-between time, I was given a recipe book called Thug Kitchen. And it’s pretty handy! It has sections on breakfasts and entrees, “mini meals,” soups, snacks, and desserts, and also suggestions on how to making ingredients, like nut milks and flours, from scratch.

The recipes themselves look delicious and have simple recipes that strive to keep the cooking jargon to a minimum. My only critique is that the instructions can get a bit wordy as the writers try to insert expletives that are in the unfiltered style of Thug Kitchen.

The book focuses on healthy eating and doesn’t highlight outside of one page in the introduction – that not many people probably read.

I’ve had the chance to try some of the recipes in the book already, and they’ve come out great so far! I’ll be adding these as review entries in the next few days.

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