Black Bean Burgers

The Recipe

This is a rating of the Easy Grillable Veggie Burgers recipe, by Dana on



The bean burgers are a very healthy alternative to traditional burgers! However, the consistency is admittedly weird and different to what you would expect from a burger. To mitigate this, you can try making thinner patties to make sure they are toasted inside and outside, or break up the patties and just make fake taco meat instead!

black bean burgers 1black bean burgers 2


Veggie burgers were one of the first meat-replacement foods I can remember being sold. These black bean burgers deliver on their ability to be grilled and sear like a meat burger. The are brownish-red and get toasted to charred lines where ever the grill rack touches them. Veggie burgers largely come down to texture for me and this is where these veggie burgers fall short. While the exterior is grilled and almost toasted, thanks to the grains in the burger, I struggled to make a burger using this recipe that wasn’t doughy inside. I did find that making the patties thinner helped, but you have to almost burn them before you dry up the inside enough to get a good consistency. Interestingly, this recipe does make for good taco meat-replacement by taking the already cooked patties and chopping them up to re-grill them until they are toasted all around.


The hardest parts of this recipe involve moisture. The recipe recommends a method of cooking the brown rice to make sure they aren’t too fluffy. Perhaps it might help this recipe to remove the rice altogether, but I haven’t tried that yet. Aside from that, the recipe is straightforward although it takes a couple of steps. You are making a mixture of all the ingredients and then forming them into patties for grilling. The recipe also uses some ingredients that might be a bit more expensive, like coconut sugar and avocado oil, but these can be replaced with brown sugar and any vegetable oil without changing the outcome.


NutritionLabel (4)This burger is very nutritionally balanced compared to a traditional burger. There is a moderate amount of sugar in this recipe, considering it is a burger, but this is easily outweighed by the low sodium! The sodium amount is assuming 1/2 tsp of sea salt so keep this in mind when seasoning your patties. Despite everything, these burgers are very filling with a great balance of foods and nutrients.

One thought on “Black Bean Burgers

  1. Might be worth a go, but my partner and I have gone back to meat recently. I know we shouldn’t, but I think we just kinda started and then didn’t stop. Still might go back to veggie in the future.


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