Lentil Chili

The Recipe

This is a rating of the Black and Red Lentil Chili recipe, by Susan Voisin on blog.fatfreevegan.com.

Link: http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2014/03/black-and-red-lentil-chili.html


Chili is a great go-to meal that is affordable, delicious, and healthy. You can add red beans to add a more familiar chunkiness to the chili or seitan if you are fine with the added fat content. The recipe is easy to follow and offers alternatives for you if you’re like me and don’t own a pressure cooker. It is high in sodium, however, so you should omit the salt and soy sauce if you are watching this. Even without these, the chili will still have more than enough flavor.

Lentil Chili 1

lentil chili 2


Chili is a favorite for many people. It has a chunky and brothy consistency that matches its savory aroma and light spicy taste. The red and black lentils add some color variety to the red-brown broth of the chili. They are an interesting choice over the typical red or black beans in chili, but they do switch up the consistency of the chili in a satisfying way.


I’ll be honest; I don’t own a pressure cooker. The recipe, however, offers an alternative method using a normal pot that is arguably even easier than the original instructions! Either way, you choose, it is quick and easy to end up with a delicious pot of chili. The ingredients are also affordable and easy to find.



NutritionLabel (4)
With 1 tsp of salt added

This recipe has virtually no saturated fats and a good carb and protein balance. For added protein and to add some more chunkiness, you can add seitan sausage or red beans to this chili. I add both normally. Keep in mind with the seitan, that you will be adding some fat to this recipe. If you are avoiding canned or processed foods, you can roast your own tomatoes and omit the soy sauce. I find that you don’t notice a difference in taste. With that said this recipe is rather high in sodium, so omit the salt and the soy sauce to cut down on the unneeded sodium.


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