Overnight Oats

The Recipe

This is a rating of the Protein Overnight Oats, by Brittany on eatingbirdfood.com.

Link: https://www.eatingbirdfood.com/protein-overnight-oats/


Overnight oats are a great breakfast go-to, especially if you don’t usually have the time to eat breakfast. It very basic and easy to make. Surprisingly delicious for the work involved, this treat is well-balanced and a great source of protein as well. It is very filling so you may want to split this into two portions if you are watching your calories or you can switch up the toppings. You can play a lot with the ingredients in this recipe, so long as you keep the oat and milk ratios constant.

overnight oats 1overnight oats 2


The best word for this recipe is just: satisfying. Topped with blueberries and almond butter, overnight oats look and smell like breakfast. It has a light sweetness of the cinnamon and almond extract and the chia seeds enhance the chewiness of the oats. These oats are creamy, oaty with a hint of sweet.


Making these oats are ridiculously quick and easy. Once you have the recipe memorized (because you will likely be using this one a lot), it doesn’t even take 5 minutes to prepare. Add all the ingredients and mix and leave overnight. That’s it! I would prefer the consistency of a ¾ cup of almond milk than ½, but that’s just me. The ingredients are also very easy to find and cheap to buy. The most expensive ingredient is probably the toppings, blueberries and almond butter, which you can easily replace with whatever topping you want.


Overnight oats
with 2 tbs of protein powder and almond butter and 1/2 cup of almond slices and blueberries

This recipe is high in protein and relatively low in saturated fats. Most of this protein comes from the plant protein powder, so be sure to balance this out with more nuts or almond butter if you are not adding this. If you are using protein powder, be sure to check where the protein is coming from. 1-2 tablespoons are more than enough and pack a whopping 60% of the daily recommendation of protein. This recipe is higher in calories per serving than most, but this is balanced out by how filling it is. Most times I have this, I’m not hungry until then late afternoon. You can also easily split this into 2 servings if you are watching your calorie intake.

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