Coconut Tres Leches

The Recipe

This is a rating of the Vegan Tres Leches recipe, by Shannon on Yup, It’s Vegan.



Coconut Tres Leches is delicious and the perfect indulgence if you have a sweet tooth. It is a welcome variation on the traditional recipe that is easy to make despite the planning involved. The fattiness of the coconut milk works perfectly to soak the cake and the cake itself is bouncy and light. This recipe is not the healthiest, however, and it should be enjoyed in moderation.

coconut tres leches 1coconut tres leches 2


If you have never tried tres leches before, you are missing out! Tres Leches means “Three Milks” in Spanish. It’s basically a sponge cake soaked in three different types of milk. These are traditionally milk, condensed milk, and evaporated milk, but this recipe replaces these with soy milk, coconut condensed milk, and coconut whipped cream. The hint coconut this adds to the taste is not traditional but definitely an improvement!


This recipe relies on two main reactions. The high-fat content of coconut milk is central to having coconut whipped cream. When refrigerated, the coconut milk separates and the high-fat bits of the coconut milk rise the surface. You will need to refrigerate this overnight for separation to work. Secondly, the sponginess of the sponge cake is dependent on a reaction that happens between vinegar and baking soda. Although it takes some preparation, the recipe is straightforward and easy to make. If you want to save money, you can also make your own coconut milk from coconut shreds.


Coconut Tres LechesJust because it’s vegan doesn’t mean this is good for you. This recipe relies heavily on sugar. It is a high-carb, low-protein food that is also pretty high in saturated fats. It’s also dependent on chemical leavenings to create the spongy texture of the cake. You can try replacing these chemicals with other leavenings, but you will lose the much of the traditional texture of the cake. Of course, you can still enjoy this treat in moderation, but I’ll admit this is hard!


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